The Chile Billy Story

Of all our food journeys, the places we appreciate most are those that best served the authentic flavors of Mexico and the American Southwest. Chile Pepper infused recipes and food traditions handed down by generations of talented street food vendors and home cooks are the inspiration for our own menus and recipes. 

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Sriracha Chiles from Colorado

Our Sriracha Chiles From Pueblo, Colorado

Blessed with water, sunshine and fertile soil, St. Charles Mesa was settled in the late 1800s/early 1900s by mostly Italian immigrants. These families continue to farm the land of their ancestors with world-famous Mira Sol chiles and lots of other farm-fresh wonders. When in season, we source 100% of our Chiles from DiSanti Farms for our Green Chile and Sriracha. Other parts of the Southwest offer longer growing seasons but the Mira-Sol or Pueblo Chile is our Chile of choice.

Colorado Peaches

Palisades, Colorado Peaches

Grand Mesa, CO. At 10,000 ft. is the highest flat top mountain on earth. It’s also home to the best peaches on earth. The “Palisade Peach”, world renowned…. Fresh picked peaches from the sunny orchards of Palisade CO. are what we use in our High Plains Hot Peach Habanero. The Cherries we use in our in our Loraine’s Chipotle Cherry sauce also come from family owned orchards of the the Sunny Grand Mesa.